Parents should not meet the teachers when classes are going on
⦁ Parent co-operation is an essential part of running an educational institution.
⦁ Parents are encouraged to give positive suggestions for the improvements of academic standards.
⦁ Parents are requested not to allow their ward to bring mobile phones.
⦁ Criticism of teachers of the school in the presence of the students should be avoided.
⦁ Any Complaints should be brought to the notice of the Principal /Office without delay.
⦁ All dues must be cleared before a student is admitted to the terminal and final examinations.
⦁ Parents should compulsorily attend PTA meetings to understand the Progress of their Ward
⦁ All communications from the school regarding home work, assignments, projects, tests, exams, competitions, payment of fees etc will be sent to the parents through SMS. Parents are requested to check and follow them up. If parents do not receive such information regularly, they are requested to bring it to the notice of the Office Staff immediately.
⦁ Any requests or complaints should be given in writing at the school office.
⦁ Parents will encourage their child to participate in all the school Activities/Competitions.
⦁ Parents will keep the child at home when suffering from infectious diseases.