⦁ Safety – In School and in School Bus
Safety of our children is considered a top priority. CCTV coverage provided to the entire school and the bus. The bus in enabled with GPS enabled you will get the GPS detail of the bus at all points of time.

The following acts conduct on the part of the students will amount misbehavior towards teachers or any other employees of the school.
i. Intentional disturbances of classes.
ii. Absence from the class without permission of the teacher/ principal.
iii. Bullying/ intimidation of others.
iv. Eye-teasing/any kind of misbehaviors towards girl students.
v. Damaging/disfiguration of school property.
vi. propagating communal/ caste feeling among the students.
vii. Indulging in physical violence in any manner.
viii. Disobeying law feel order of the teacher/ principal.
ix. Bringing unauthorized articles inside the school.
x. Theft/ Pilfering of school/ students property.
xi. Any behavior unbecoming of a students.
In above acts of misconduct Principal shall take suitable action as per the observations of disciplinary committee depending on the gravity of the misconduct which may include
a) Oral/Written warning to the students and parents.
b) Suspension from the classes.
c) Issue of Transfer certificates.


⦁ Be a regular scholar, come to school in clean and tidy school uniform.
⦁ Let their grace and sense of purpose in your work and movement.
⦁ Be regular for the assembly, and take active part.
⦁ Extend your co-operation in keeping the classroom and school campus clean.
⦁ Don’t throw bits of paper on the floor. If you find any remove them. Don’t deface the wall or damage the school property
⦁ Don’t toiler outside the classroom while the school is in session.
⦁ While moving from one class to another class always move in silence and in line.
⦁ Bring the prescribed text books and not books only.
⦁ Take care of your things. Don’t lose them.
⦁ If you find anything belonging to the school or student deposit it in the office.
⦁ While going out of the class when the school is in session, take the out-pass.
12. Read newspapers and magazines regularly. Don’t mark, underline or anode them.
13. Don’t do anything that is detrimental to your self respect.
14. Carry out the instructions of your class monitor, house leader’s and school prefects.
15. Be an active participants in every school activity.
16. Enter house assignment in your school calendar regularly and do the work regularly.
17. Follow up the corrections and suggestions made by the teacher.

Uniform/Dress Code
Uniform means smartness….. Uniform means discipline. Uniform means teaching important lessons of life. Students are expected to come to school in proper uniform on all days. They have to wear their ID cards al all times. Any extra attire beyond uniform will not be permitted in school. Children will not be allowed to keep long nails. Students are expected to maintain normal hair style, fancy and funky hair style are not permitted in the school.


Student are representatives of our school from leaving home until they return and are thus expected to set themselves a high standard of behaviour both inside and outside the school. Students and their parents/guardians are advised to abide by the rules and regulations of the school for the maintenance of a harmonious, conductive and mutually beneficial academic and co-curricular atmosphere.
ALGIANS should behave in courteous manner whenever they go. They should always remember that the School is judged by their conduct.